​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We publish a monthly newsletter for our members and guests.  We invite you to browse.  

April 2024 includes
• Spring Herbs Class report out 

March 2024 includes
• Herb Day Update
February 2024 includes
• Cardamom Elettaria cardamomum

• Herb Day Planning Update

• Fig Recipes

January 2024 includes

• Coriander/Cilantro Coriandrum sativum

​• Herb Day planning and preparations

• Herb Cuttings, Seeds and Divisions

• New Year's Recipes for Good Fortune and Prosperity

• Mary Reeves honored as Golden Sage member (50 YEARS membership!)

December 2023 includes
• Herb Fair wrap-up

• Rosemary, Salvia rosmarinus (formerly Rosmarinus officinalis)

• Kolter Elementary Garden workdays

• History of Rosemary Circle

November 2023 includes
• Getting ready for the Fair
October 2023 includes
• South Central District Gathering highlights
• Rose hips Rosa spp.
September 2023 includes
• South Central District Gathering preview
• Chicory, Cichorium intybus
• New Member Spotlight
• Brief history of the Herb Fair - 50th anniversary!

August 2023 includes
• Getting to know our new chair, Dena Gaydos
• Makrut lime, Citrus hystrix
• Herb Day recipes
• South Central District Gathering details

July 2023 includes
• Announcing our new board
• Red Stem Apple Mint's new name

• Update from Westbury Community Garden

• Report from the District Meeting in Washington, DC

• Announcing our 2023 Scholarship Award Winners

• Pesto Beyond Basil with recipes
June 2023 includes
• Impressions from a First Time Attendee to the Annual Meeting
• At-Home Recipes and Herb Day Recipes

May 2023 includes
• Garden Nominations for Annual Meeting
• Preparing for the Herb Fair

April 2023 includes
• Herb Day Announcement - April 22, 2023
• Preparing for the Unit Annual Meeting
• What to grow and harvest for Herb Fair

March 2023 includes
• Photos from our recent Lagniappe events

February 2023 includes
• Herb Day Announcement - April 22, 2023
• Herb Fair 2023 thinking ahead
• Pink Peppercorn Schinus molle
January 2023 includes
• Parsley fact sheet
December 2022 includes
• Highlights from the Fair
• Homemade Taffy Recipe

November 2022 includes
• Honey Recipes and Boston Cream Pie Recipe
• Fair Prep

October 2022 includes
• Highlights from "Let's Get Growing" seed workshop
• Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins Recipes
September 2022 includes
• Lustrous Beautyberry

• In Memory of Gwen Barclay

• Review from "Celebrating the First Harvest of Grain" Lagniappe 

August 2022 includes
• Keeping Calm with Lemon Balm
• More At Home Recipes for the hot summer months

July 2022 includes
• Photo review of last month's activities
• Pin Oak Middle School Garden
• At Home Recipes for the hot summer months
June 2022 includes
• A Little Midsummer Magic  
• Garden Donation Proposals

• Highlights from the Backyard Bee Lagniappe 

• Highlights from the HSA Charleston Annual Meeting

May 2022 includes
• "Summer Snowflakes" Leucojum aestivum 
• Pioneer Potpourri
April 2022 includes

• Cyanotype Workshop

• Ceremonial Tortillas

• Egg Dyeing 

March 2022 includes
• "Mushrooms - The Third Life-form; Identification and Usage” now available on Merriwether's YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/CnxzhqKZ58I
• There’s Still Snap in the Celery 
Gather Ye Redbuds While Ye May – A Colorful Harbinger of Spring…and Edible, Too!

February 2022 includes
• Flopsy, Mopsy, Turkey Tail, and Peter - Wait, What? Turkey Tail??? The Tale of a Thwarted Mycologist 

• Garden Tips for February

• Honoring 40-year member Beth Murphy

January 2022 includes
• The Gift of the Magi - The Holy Tears of Frankincense

December 2021 includes
• Herb of the Month: Cloves Syzgium aromaticum
• Herbs and Spices of the Holidays
• On the History and Lore of Orange and Clove Pomanders

November 2021 includes
• Herb of the Month: Carob Ceratonia siliqua
• At-Home Recipes featuring autumn veggies
• In Memory of our friend, member Donna Fay Hilliard

October 2021 includes
• Herb of the Month: Medlar Mespilus germanica
• At-Home Recipes featuring Pumpkin recipes
• Hildegard Cookies of Joy

September 2021 includes
• Herb of the Month:  Horehound Marrubium vulgare 
• At-Home Recipes featuring Rosemary Lemon Seasoning

• Announcing the newest member benefit:  free tickets for members to the beautiful new Houston Botanic Garden

• Introducing Hildegard von Bingen "In Her Own Words"

August 2021 includes
• Herb of the Month:  Cayenne pepper Capsicum annuum cultivar cayenne
• At-Home Recipes for the Dog Days of Summer
• Clearing a Path with Herbal Smoke Bundles

July 2021 includes
• Herb of the Month:  Summer savory Satureja hortensis
• At-Home Recipes for the 4th of July

June 2021 includes
• Herb of the Month:  Green Tea Camellia sinensis
• Stay-at-Home Recipes featuring blueberries and tomatoes

May 2021 includes
• Wood Sorrel
• Herb of the Month:  Pineapple Mint
• Stay-at-Home Recipes featuring easy Omelets, Classic Frito Salad and Potluck Baked Beans
April 2021 includes
• Public Gardening Opportunities!!!
• Herb of the Month:  Chervil
• Stay-at-Home Recipes featuring the Texas Sheet (Sheath) Cake

• Nominations requested for Public Garden Donation recipients

March 2021 includes
• Horticultural Freeze Recovery and February Freeze Report
• Remembering Hermann Park Garden Center and Fragrant Garden
• Meet our 2020 Madalene Hill Scholarship Recipient

• Herb of the Month: Heartsease/Wild Pansy

• Raskovnik: The Magical "Four-Leaf Clover"

February 2021 includes
• Pink Peppercorn / Rose Pepper
• Love and the Language of Flowers Quiz
• Stay-at-home Recipes featuring Strawberries and Chocolate

January 2021 includes
• Volcano Mulching Trees
• Parsley (Petroselinum crispum)

• Hill Country Fireside Fire Cider

December 2020 includes
• Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen

• Say It with Gingerbread

November 2020 includes
• Member Spotlight - 50 year member, Susan Wood
• Stay-at-home Recipes for Thanksgiving Dressing

October 2020 (Part 1) and October 2020 (Part 2) includes

• STU at the Houston Botanic Garden (part 1)

• Happy New Year to Our Herbs (part 1)

• Member Spotlight on Bill Varney of URBANherbal (part 2)

• Recipes from South of the Border (part 2)

• Stay-at-Home Recipes (part 2)

• Finding Comfort in the Kitchen (part 2)

September 2020 

Keeping Calm with Lemon Balm

August 2020 includes
• Beat the Heat with Cooling Herbal Beverages

HSA-STU Annual Report 2020 

July 2020 includes
• *Special Edition* Stay-at-Home Recipes
June 2020 includes
• Zainab Pashaei, National Herb Garden Intern

• Book Corner - Gardening Books Perfect for Children

• "Mother of Thousands" 

May 2020 includes
•Mothering Sunday
April 2020 includes
•“And the People Stayed Home”  a poem by Kitty O'Meara

•Tribute to Thelma Rowe, STU Member

•Obituary John Fairey, Creator of Peckerwood Garden

•Neighbors Helping Neighbors

March 2020 includes

•The Persian "New Day" Festival of Norooz

February 2020 includes
•Queen of Hungary Water - The History and the Hoax
January 2020 includes
•Over the Moon for Moon Milk
December 2019 includes
•Santa's Reindeer Ride - courtesy of the fly agaric mushroom, Amanita muscaria?
November 2019 includes

•Holistic Gardening for Health and Happiness

Holistic Animal Care from our October speaker Shana Buchanan, DVM

October 2019 includes

•More about the showy Prickly Pear Cactus

September 2019 includes
•Texas's State Plant - The Prickly Pear Cactus

July 2019 includes
• Highlights from the Annual Educational Conference in Madison, WI
• Celebrate Chocolate

June 2019 includes
•  The "Real" Mexican Oregano
May 2019 includes
•  Back to Our Roots:  Mexican Mint Marigold
April 2019 includes

•  Herb Day Details

•  Back to Our Roots:  Red Stem Applemint

•  Flower artistic impressions with Bee Holleran, The Flower Chef

March 2019 includes
•  The Wild and Weedy Month of March - Foraging and Cleavers
February 2019 includes

•  Stone Age Kitchen Tools

January 2019 includes
•  Moringa Oleifera - The Miracle Tree
December 2018 includes
•  Switchel

•  Sage - Beyond Turkey and Dressing

November 2018 includes
•  Labyrinths

October 2018 includes
•  Charms for the Witching Hour

September 2018 includes
•  Congrats to our 3 Scholarship winners, Midwives Meeting Preview, Peppercorn Cures, Salvia Program Preview

July 2018 includes
•   Black (Pepper) Magic, The Salty Truth, Updates from the Tarrytown Annual Meeting

June 2018 includes
•   Worts, wyrts, warts and more

May 2018 includes
•   Herbal Traditions for a Royal Wedding

April 2018 includes
•   More Bitter Herbs of Passover

•   Herbal Eco Printing

•   Provence, Herbs and Author Lawrence Durrell

March 2018 includes
•    The Bitter Herbs of Passover

February 2018 includes

•    Herb-in Beers:  Hops in Craft Brewing
January 2018 includes
•    Tis the Season... the Flu Season with herbal surprise guest, star anise
•    Hop to It!  

December 2017 includes
•    Gift Ideas for the Herb Enthusiast
•    Bay Laurel
November 2017 includes
•    Milkweed: Food for Butterflies, Food for your Table, Food for Thought
•    Honoring Lucia
•    Sage

October 2017 includes
•    In memory of treasured member Lucia Bettler
•    Brewsters, Alewives and Witches' Brew
•    A Little Time for Thyme

September 2017 includes
•    Honey Wanderlust
•    Our 2017 Scholarship Recipients
•    A Bit About Basil

August 2017 includes
•    Review of a Coastal Outing
•    Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Healing
•    Lemon Verbena
July 2017 includes
•    Overview of local gardens we support
•    Chia
•    Chives

June 2017 includes
•    HSA Annual Meeting in Arkansas Highlights 

•    The Herb in a Time Capsule

•    Parsley

May 2017 includes
•    Sumac
•    Travel Through Time with the Scottish Highland Herbalist
•    Agapanthus

•    Mint and the Mojito

•    A tribute to our dear member Linda Lain

April 2017 includes
•    Milkweed
•    Herbal Traditions from Scotland's Soil

•    Rosemary

March 2017 includes
•    When Micro is Macro
February 2017 includes
•    Highlights from A Night of Henna
•    Nature's Aromatherapy: The Perfume of the Earth

January 2017 includes
•    Old Traditions for a New Year
•    Pine Dining (yes, that's what it says)

December 2016 includes
•    A Night of Henna
•    How Wild Plants Saved the Settlers

•    Party, Party, Party 
November 2016 includes
•    Invasive Exotic Plants
•    Gluten-free Scones

October 2016 includes
•    Indian Fabric

•    The Mystery of Peter Piper's Peppers Solved

September 2016 includes
•    Oregano - Carminative for Cows?
•    Capsicums - Some Like it Hot

August 2016 includes
•    Herb Fair preparations
July 2016 

June 2016 includes
•    A Tropical Splash with Tepache (fermented pineapple)
•    Fermentation handout
•    Sauerkraut Chocolate Cake

May 2016 includes

•    Rue
•    Fun Facts about the Color Blue
•    Beatrix Potter Herb Day Synopsis

April 2016 includes

•    Living with Passion and Spice

March 2016 includes

•    Valentine's Trivia Quiz

•    Vinegar Program Highlights

•    Bleeding Heart Vine

February 2016 includes

•    Moroccan Trivia Quiz
•    Beatrix Potter Musings
•    Invasive Herbs in your Neighborhood

January 2016 includes
•    St. Basil
•    Book review The Unlikely Lavender Queen

December 2015 includes
•    Mistletoe
•    Forest Bathing

November 2015 includes
•    The Herbs of China Bayles: Nightshade
•    The Scent Trail

October 2015 includes
•    The Herbs of China Bayles: Morning Glory

September 2015 includes

•    The Columbian Exchange

August 2015 

July 2015 includes

•    Moroccan Discovery

June 2015 includes

•    Year of Soils

April 2015 includes

•    Seed Catalogs

March 2015 includes
•    Herbal Liqueurs

October 2014 includes

•    Garden Mounts (terrain features)​
September 2014  includes
•    Candellila
July 2014  includes

•    Book review The Ginseng HunterJune 2014  includes •    The Traveler's Friend