If you have any questions about membership or other Unit information, please feel free to write us at:

South Texas Unit of the HSA

P.O. Box 6515

Houston, TX 77265-6515

​Or email us at:

Any person showing special interest in growing, using or studying herbs may apply for membership in the Unit.  A prospective member must attend at least three meetings* as a guest, either with the Day Group or the Evening Group.  These activities must fall within a period of twelve consecutive months.  After this time, you may apply for membership in the Unit.

There is a standard form used for membership application. You may request this form from the Membership Committee Chairman or download it (see link below). At that time you will receive a copy of the Unit By-Laws and Governing Rules, as well as those of The Herb Society of America, Inc., not just the South Texas Unit.  Applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee and submitted to the Members of the Board. The Members of the Board will act on all applications. Occasionally an application will be held for further consideration if there is a question of compliance with the requirements for membership in the Unit of The HSA.

New members are considered Provisional Members for the first year. This year serves as an orientation to the Unit. During the year a Provisional Member must meet Active Member requirements, but may not serve as an officer or committee chairman.  Members must also attend at least 3 meetings annually, help in the preparation of at least one major event, and help on-site with at least one major event.

Newly elected members must pay their membership fees (prorated by date of acceptance for membership) upon notification of acceptance. The annual combined fees for The Herb Society of America and the South Texas Unit of America are $67.50.  These fees include the Unit newsletters, the bi-monthly National newsletter, the annual National publication The Herbarist, as well as support for the many educational activities of The Herb Society of America, Inc. and The South Texas Unit.

​* During this time when in-person meetings are not possible, participating in the Zoom meeting presentations of Pearls for the Pandemic are considered a meeting attendance.